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Breath of Fire, a young Swiss clothing brand, specialized in yoga and medition clothing. The designers have Breath of Fire have functionality, comfort, elegance and style in mind. 

Yogamasti, the clothing line has an artistic design, Yogamasti is an innovative brand and offers the modern yogi comfort in style. The motifs are hand-painted. The clothing is made from fabric mix of cotton and lycra making it comfortable and breathable.

Asquith London has a particularly fine collection of clothes made from organic cotton and bamboo. The clothing is primarily developed for yoga but can certainly also be worn casual.

The models of Curare Yoga Wear are simple, uncomplicated and with beautiful details. The fit is perfect and the clothing is durable and comfortable to wear. The designers go for sustainable fashion.

Spirit of OM is beautiful yoga clothing with motives as Flower of Life, chakras and Chi motifs.

Kamah clothing is produced in a sustainable manner with attention to the partners, the environment and conserve resources. Kamah means love and true faith in the Hindu.

Yoga Clothing Brands Yoga clothing for women is suitable for meditation, outdoor activities, yoga and for casual occasions. Yoga clothes are manufactured under strict inspection rules, so quality is guaranteed. Asquith London Asquith Londen's clothes are made of organic materials and therefore very breathable. The clothes don't have tight elastic band which feels good. Breath of Fire yoga and meditation clothing Breath of Fire is a Swiss clothing brand. The clothes are designed for multiple sports and leisure activities. The perfect fit gives a feeling of freedom. The clothes are made of organic materials. Niyama yoga clothing Niyama yoga and meditation clothing is the new clothing brand with happy and vibrant colors and special patterns. The clothing feels soft and airy on the skin. The yoga clothing is suitable for fitness, jogging, yoga or swimming but also casual with a nice tunic. Chooclo yoga and meditation clothing Choclo yoga and meditation clothing is a clothing brand that is completely dedicated to health and well-being. The clothing of Choclo, which the Peruvian Word for corn, has an integrated, discreet and visible image. kidneykaren Kidneykaren is well known for its kidney warmers. Kidneywarmers are clothes to provide the back- and kidneyarea more heat. In addition, the kidney warmer can easily be combined with other clothes. Spirit of OM Spirit of OM's yoga clothing is made of organic cotton and is ecological friendly. The clothes of Spirit of OM improve aura's and harmonizes the energy in the body. Surya yoga clothing from Nepal For the yoga clothes are all natural, sustainable fibers and low content dyes used. The beautiful naturally dyed hemp and cotton, are unique in composition, design and workmanship. Yogamasti Yogamasti Yoga clothes are designed by yoga practitioners. The clothes are interesting, innovative and popular. Yogamasti offers comfort, style and innovative clothing. Yogi star Yogi star clothing give the feeling of balance. The brand was born out of love for yoga. Because of the natural material, the clothes have high quality and a nice design. Kismet yoga clothing brand, a real eye-catcher Kismet Yogastyle combines fashionable models and functionality in a unique way. Inspired by the cultures of this world, the first family combines elements of Moroccan art with animal prints on delicious high quality materials. Satya yoga clothing from Bali The yoga clothing brand ' Satya Yogawear ' is a collection of yoga clothes for women, designed and produced in the rice paddies of the beautiful Bali, from the softest cotton and other natural fabrics. The designers love creating simple, basic styles that are both practical and stylish. Natural Born Yogi, yoga clothing A beautiful, modern clothing brand with unique details. Clothes to wear as jewelry, for yoga, meditation, for home or leisure. The material feels soft and pleasant on the skin and is delicious to combine with all kinds of styles and fashion brands. Kamah yoga clothing, special with a lot of fine details Kamah yoga clothing is comfortable and have perfect fit. Kamah's logo is an open lotus. The lotus is a symbol of inner beauty, absolute purity and perfect love. Schazad yoga clothing The yoga pants of the clothing brand Schazad are made of natural linen. The linen pants have a with maximum wearing comfort, for yoga, meditation, sports and casual. Curare Yoga Wear yoga clothing Curare Yoga wear has beautiful clothes which fit perfectly. The fabric offers comfort en freedom of movement. Yoga clothes should have simple models and lovely details. Yoga shawl These beautiful scarves are suitable for various occasions like yoga, but also during daytime. The scarves are trendy, fashionable and can be combined with other clothes. Kidney warmer A kidney warmer is a clothing which is used to keep the back- and kidneyarea extra warm. In addition, the kidney warmer is fashionable and can be combined with various other clothes. Original Japanese Tamati slippers The original Japanese Tamati slippers are made of renewable and natural materials. Tamati means: "where everyone can find peace and relaxation". Features of this slippers are: natural leather, comfort foot beds and the special appearance. Yoga bags Yoga bags are beautiful, practical and fahionable. The bags offer plenty of spance for yoga stuff like mats of cushions. In addition, the bags are made of different materials and have their own design


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