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The designers and manufacturers of Bio yoga clothing have eye for sustainability, environment and workers. This cotton is produced in organic agriculture, grown without pesticides and fertilizer. The common cotton, the cheap cotton, is one of the most polluting industries in the world. An example; organic cotton uses far less water, water what's needed for the population. 

Here we have the price difference in clothing, cotton grown on organic way is a little bit more expensive than the usual cotton. The reason is overproduction because the clothing manufacturers stick to old habits. This price difference and the ignorance about consequences for the environment and workers, is for many a reason not to buy organic clothing. But there is a new trend, there is a turning point. Biologic clothing is more popular then ever!


The importance of biologic clothing

Do you know of what materials the clothing is made off and do you care about the welfare of others? One other question; what is the impact on your health and our planet? The main benefit of organic materials is that the crops are not treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and Genetically Modified Organisms. These toxins are harmful for farmers, workers, the entire wildlife eco-systems and us. Factory workers have to breathe in these fumes during the manufacturing process. Many of these factory workers lost their lives for our cheap cotton clothing.


Biologic yogaclothing

More and more brands are committing to organic materials. Now the consumers have to make the switch! As reseller of yogaclothing we sell the brands; Breath of Fire, Yogamasti, Spirit of OM, Asquith London, Curare Yogawear, Kamah and Yogistar.

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